Thursday, August 21, 2008


I know I have been gone for a little while. I have been reading and reading but not many paper books. I have been on an ebook kick.

A very big ebook kick!!!! I am not sure, I know they are a little smaller than a paper book but I seem to be able to get through many books in a short period of time.

While I want this blog to be primarily paper book related I feel the need to mention a new favorite. To be read again and again.

Jules Jones writes a fantastic series. Maybe series is not the right word. It is a book that had a short story added then another book and maybe maybe if the gods smile on us another one set sometime next year (according to her website)

It is the Lord and Master 'series' Now before you get all high brow on me. It is NOT what the title implies. There is no BDSM element to it.

But it is not a traditional romance either. It is a hero/hero instead of a hero/heroine. The layers she brings to the characters as their relationship grows is inspiring. THIS is the type of book I want to write.

I encourage all of you to stop by her site and pick up this ebook! You will be very happy with it. And now that #2 is out...

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